Coaching with Aurélie


  • Looking ahead, how would you like to be?

    Pushed by your backlog? Or pulled by your dream?

    Sometimes it feels impossible to build new habits, keep it, face your fears, and tape into what you deeply want..
    ...until you're coached to do it...






  • WHY

    Anyone can create a perfect work-life balance.



    Are you wondering why you're always trying to save time?



    Do you want to feel more energised ?



    Would you like to live your life without having to sacrifice your personal values?



    Are you still figuring out what you deeply want?



    Are you looking for more confidence?

  • HOW

    Live a fulfilling life includes to work on different steps...

    Desires > Fears

    Identify what you want

    During our sessions, we find what you want more and what's blocking you from having what you want. After our sessions, you'll feel more confident to follow your desires.

    Energy management

    Learn to know yourself a bit more every day

    During our sessions, we identify precisely where you gain and loose energy in your daily life. After our sessions, you'll be able to adapt your daily life step by step.

    Body & Mind alignment

    Cultivate mindfulness practices

    During our sessions, we identify mindfulness practices that fit in your daily life in order to nourish you. After our sessions, you'll feel autonomous to practice them.

    Life balance

    Learn how to build tiny habits and how to keep it

    During our sessions, we work on building tiny habits in order to create a better balance. After our sessions, you'll know how to create new habits, starting by tiny steps.


    You will get confidence and master tools to cultivate
    the Work~Life balance you deserve

  • WHO I AM

    Aurélie Le Guillou

    Life Coach

    "Zoomba" Teacher